Saturday, January 7, 2012

Create realistic carpet in V-ray for Sketchup

Work Flow: V-ray for Sketchup 


Here is a quick tutorial to show how you can achieve realistic carpet material by using V-ray for Sketch-up 1.49.01. All you are going to do is add a displacement effect to the surface so that we can improve the details of the surface in the final render.

For this excercise, I recommend you use a surface with round edges and smooth bumpy surface, instead of a flat and squarish, so you can get a better look and realistic feel. 


1. First Step is to create a default material

On your material editor under the "Maps" category, Check the Displacement box so you can enable the displacement options for this material. Next, click on the M beside your displacement to open the texture editor. 

Here is your Texture Editor.

2. Use the settings above to create your gray scale displacement map using the "Texsplat"
- Select "Texsplat" from the drop down menu (produces a texture with white dots
   on a black background)

- Change your iterations  to 10 (to increase the repetition of the texture)

- Change your size to .005 (to decrease the size of the white dots on the texture)
  Click preview if your satisfied, or change the settings more to your liking. Click OK

3. Now if you update your preview, you will see some displacement on your material but not quite the carpet you want. Now you need to define the shape and size of your carpet strings in the displacement options.

4. Back to your mapping options
- Increase your displacement multiplier to 3 (or more) to increase the height of the 
  displacement effect.

-Uncheck "use Globals" to keep the displacement settings to this material only.

-Change the "Edge Length" to one, this setting controls how thin your carpet strings will
  be, the lower the value, the thinner the string.
This is how your material preview should look like, and when you apply it to your surface, it should look something like the image below. Remember, instead of a white diffuse color you can also add your texture mapping so you can get a different look, with that said the possibilities of what you can create are endless. 


1. Use a more defined geometry shape, one with smooth curvy edges and bumpy surface.
2. Play with you "edge length" and "displacement" values.

Thanks for reading this tutorial, and i hope it helps you in creating your realistic scenes. I'm learning vray just like everyone else and just want to share what i learned. :)


  1. Hey there, man there are allot of tutorials out there, and you say you are new? I have never seen this! And for it to work RIGHT away was really awesome! GOOD WORK!

  2. thanks t3true, glad i could help. you have a great website by the way, love the work you put in it!!

  3. it doesn't work for vray 1.48?
    sad =(

  4. works but takes like ages :(

  5. Hey anonymous, i dont have that version of vray anymore, is it different from the tutorial?... rendering displacemnt does take some time, but not too long if you have the right settings..:) thanks for visiting

  6. I have tried it again,, yea it works, but I could not render it up close because it can be very long long process, and may be error =(
    could you tell me what's the reason?

  7. hello
    Thx for the tutorial great work

  8. Hi, thank you for this tutorial!
    The weird thing is, the 'carpet look' does show up on my preview, but not after rendering it! What could I be doing wrong? I have made an jpg of a photoshop file, imported it in Sketchup and then did this tutorial.. Thanks in advance..

  9. i made this carpet with motif but not very realistic, i follow every instruction. can you tell me whats wrong? and what i have to change? before : after :

  10. Thank you so much! This was such a great help. Other tutorials are too complicated to understand, this is by far the best and simplest one I found. Thanks for your efforts ^^

  11. Great...!! This really help and simplest.. Thank so much for share this.. ^·^

  12. Great...!! This really help and simplest.. Thank so much for share this.. ^·^

  13. Thanks, This is really helpful.

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